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BulletProofing Your Brand-Integrating off and online strategies in the Digital Space

Levick and TMG Strategies are partnering to present one panel on crisis communications. Vote for the revised panel here: http://blogpotomac.ideascale.com/akira/dtd/17116-3270

Submitted by Unsubscribed User 5 years ago

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  1. Unsubscribed User Idea Submitter

    Wow so this idea gets over 100 votes in one DAY, which is more than the all the other ideas (that have been up for over a week) COMBINED?

    That's unusual.

    5 years ago
  2. Unsubscribed User Idea Submitter

    I'm a little surprised this is so popular. Apparently it's all still about the fear. Sigh.

    5 years ago